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U-seals or U-cups, are used in rod or piston applications (symmetrical U-seals can be used in either application). The Unloaded U-seals have nothing between the two lips.

These type of parts are relatively soft, non-metallic rings, placed in a groove or fixed in a combination of rings, forming a seal assembly. This assembly is used to block or separate fluid in reciprocating motion applications. Hydraulic seals use is critical in providing a way for fluid power to be converted to linear motion.

Unloaded U-seals come in the following common styles:

  • DRU-style Unloaded U-seals
  • BS (DRTU-style) Unloaded U-seals
  • DPU-style Unloaded U-seals
  • DSU-style Unloaded U-seals
  • HU-style Unloaded U-seals
  • 8400-style Unloaded Symmetrical U-seals (Pneumatics)

U-seals are available in standard and metric sizes. Out extensive inventory of U-seals is available in a range of standard and metric sizes. We offer same-day shipping and perform quality checks of every order, so you know that your critical parts will meet your application specifications.


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