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Neck Rings

Laurel India is a manufacturer of high quality, cost effective neck rings for a wide range of applications such as pool and spa pumps, centrifugal pumps and well point pumps. We also provide multi-spring seals, along with a variety of gasket and packing materials to me all of your sealing needs.
Laurel India Stocks a complete line of drop-in replacement neck rings ranging in shaft size from 3/8" to 4". We also offer a selection of seal head and stationary seats in various dimensions and custom materials.

  • High-quality, single-spring neck rings with a variety of mating surfaces such as carbon, ceramic, carbon silicon tungsten and ni-resist
  • We also provide a variety of elastomers that include: Viton and Buna
  • Seal types include: type 1, 2, 21, 6, 6a and 8, all with a range of shaft diameter from 3/8th to 3 inches
  • Several types of braided packing materials. The product range includes varying temperature ratings and materials
  • Cartridge, split seals and lip seals


Our products is equipped with worldwide first class testing and manufacture equipment, adopt the rubber formulation and raw material from Japan and Europe, try for realizing the design and development synchronous.

Our Certification: We have passed the ISO9001, certificate successively, design the ERP system by ourselves, and practiced Network Administration for Quality system, Management, Human Resource, Raw material, Design, Manufacture, Sales and Finance incorporate.