We have over 27 years of experience.



Our state of the art manufacturing facility is one of the vital driving forces that has enabled us to achieve the position we currently occupy in this competitive industry. We maintain modern manufacturing facility; featuring the latest and technologically most advanced machinery that enables us to achieve cost effective production methods and consistent high performance products. With the help of our facilities, we perform the following tasks, which ensure that the product is effective, efficient and economical.



To ensure that we are able to fulfill even the most bulky orders at a short notice, we have a spacious warehouse that has the capacity to store large quantities of products.

Our Design Capabities

Our products meet diverse customer requirements & exceed established parameters of quality, cost effectiveness and tough performance. Laurel India team relentlessly endeavours to bring value addition and value engineering through continuous improvement . Our upgraded support with the assistance of latest solid edge software provides impetus at integerated levels of manufacturing process , tool designing and finally composite fault free product.



Packaging is the science, art and technology of enclosing or protecting products for distribution, storage, sale, and use. Depending on the mode of transportation and customer specifications, packaging is done to make sure that the consignment reaches you safely.



Being a highly customer-centric organization, we always strive to meet our customer's high priority demands. To make sure that our product matches their requirements, we get their approval before the order is executed for bulk production. This saves cost and time at both the ends.


Our team - Our backbone

Our team of skilled technicians and experts is constantly working towards providing better solutions to our clients. Our research and development team is laboriously working towards coming out with products having superior designs, increased tolerance levels and other improved features so that your production costs are also controlled. We are constantly reviewing all the operational dimensions and reviewing the potential areas for technical breakthrough.


Our products is equipped with worldwide first class testing and manufacture equipment, adopt the rubber formulation and raw material from Japan and Europe, try for realizing the design and development synchronous.

Our Certification: We have passed the ISO9001, certificate successively, design the ERP system by ourselves, and practiced Network Administration for Quality system, Management, Human Resource, Raw material, Design, Manufacture, Sales and Finance incorporate.